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Outdoor Audio

Coastal Source is not your regular everyday lighting system. Instead it is part of a growing system designed to encompass your outdoor space and that includes music.  In fact the Coastal Source System is designed with music in mind. Coastal Source takes the guess work out of complex outdoor audio systems with their patented “plug & play” system. You can have music outdoors in very little time at all. Our speakers include bullet style, rock style and even outdoor subwoofers! And with extensive R&D these speaker’s perform beyond what you would expect.

Rock Speakers

The Coastal Source Rock speaker blends seamlessly into your landscape while taking your outdoor entertainment to a whole new level. Superior materials including hand laid fiberglass enclosures, Coastal Coated™ grills, polypropylene drivers and stainless steel hardware are coupled with our patented Plug+Play cable system to provide many years of relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Plug+Play connectivity. Add or remove speakers as needed, using our impedance-matching y-cables.
  • Rock speakers can stand alone or be paired with the Turtle or Front-Firing Subwoofer
  • Marine tinned wire with all soldered connections for corrosion resistance and superior sound quality over time.
  • Fully sealed fiberglass weatherproof enclosures for outdoor use.
  • Four and Six conductor cables allow versatility and the ability to dig one trench for both landscape lighting and outdoor audio.
  • Specifically designed & engineered for superior sound quality and durability in harsh outdoor environments.
  • Available in 6.5” and 8” sizes in Sandstone and Earthstone.

Bullet Speaker in Brass Housing

Bullet Speakers

The newest addition to the Coastal Source audio lineup, this Bullet Speaker utilizes the same solid brass enclosure as our Starlight Laser. This allows it to blend seamlessly with the other landscape lighting fixtures around your property, while achieving very high quality sound inside the rigid brass. Inside is a custom 3” coaxial driver that was specifically designed for this application. With a clear cone to dissipate any heat buildup and a fully sealed and waterproof design, this product is made to last and Defy the Elements just like the rest of the Coastal Source line. The Bullet Speaker is available in all of our standard and specialty finishes and is compatible with all of our Direct Connect cables, mounts and accessories. The integrated crossover ensures that this speaker works perfectly with the Turtle Audio System and our Rock Speakers so that you can build a system any way you want to achieve the best sound and the best looking system.


Turtle Sub-Woofer

Turtle Sub-Woofer

Turtle Subwoofer

Hiding inside The Turtle’s fiberglass shell is a high performance 10” marine-grade subwoofer, a 500W marine-grade amplifier with built in electronic crossover and an Apple® AirPort Express™. Within seconds, you can stream your favorite music directly to your Coastal Source outdoor audio system from any iOS device, Mac or PC. Play wirelessly from iTunes or iOS apps like Spotify and Pandora all without leaving your chaise lounge or firepit. (Android compatible version coming soon.) The Turtle down-firing subwoofer will become the hub of your Coastal Source complete outdoor audio system. Simply supply power from 1, 2 or 3 Coastal Source 150W DC Power Supplies to the Turtle (supplying the internal amplifier with 150W, 300W or 450W respectively). Next, connect as few as 2 or as many as 16 satellite speakers for truly amazing outdoor sound. The Turtle blends into your landscape and offers several different mounting options.
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